MCI/Rehab Trailer In-Service
January 17, 2022

McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company would like to announce we are placing in service Rehab/MCI Trailer 56. This was accomplished with the assistance of the South Central Regional Task Force. The Rehab/MCI Trailer has the capabilities to provide shelter, heat and AC for all around seasonal preparedness, food and rehydration. The MCI part of the trailer has up to 50 backboards, onboard oxygen with multiple ports, and numerous medical supplies. It also has full MCI Set-up Kit and multiple pop up canopy's. The trailer can be utilized as a command post as well. The trailer will have external lighting and shade along with electric inside and out. When you request the Rehab/MCI trailer you will also get our Kubota QRS unit that can be utilized for search and rescue, as well as transporting manpower. Anyone that may have questions our would like to see this trailer and or would like to utilize this trailer they can contact the following people.

Pete Lynch (Fire Chief)
C; 717-860-3733
Chip Keebaugh (EMS Captain)
C: 717-331-7824